Nitrous Oxide Flower Mound

Often called “laughing gas, nitrous oxide is the leading form of sedation used in modern dentistry. This is a fast-acting substance, causing patients to feel more calm and relaxed during a dental procedure. The effects begin within a few minutes, bringing on a calmness and a sensation of warmness throughout the body, and can even cause them to feel tingling in their fingers and toes. Because fear and anxiety are pushed out of the mind, nitrous oxide allows anyone to sit back peacefully while their dentist goes to work.

Recovering from the treatment is also simple. Once the dental procedure is completed, patients are administered 100% oxygen for five minutes. This clears the respiratory system of the gas and restores a natural mindset.

When can Nitrous Oxide be Used?

Any dental procedure can be made more comfortable with the use of nitrous oxide. Because it is safe for all ages, it can be give to children of any age. Nitrous oxide treatment is often used for:

  • Dental anxiety or nervousness
  • Sensitivity during treatment
  • Cleanings and preventative care
  • Cosmetic treatments/smile makeovers
  • Restorations such as filling or crowns
  • Dental implants

Why Use Nitrous Oxide?

  • The level of sedation can be controlled by your doctor for optimal results.
  • No associated headaches or “hangovers.”
  • Safe for lungs and heart.
  • Minimizes chances of gagging.
  • Works fast, reaching the brain within twenty seconds of being administered and taking 2-3 minutes to reach its full potential.

Can I Go Back to Work or School?

Yes! Because nitrous oxide is easily cleared from the system, you will be back to normal almost as soon as your procedure is done. You can safely drive yourself home and will be fully capable of performing your normal daily activities. Nitrous oxide is a simple sedation technique that has no lingering effects after treatment.

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