Helping Children Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist!

The dentist office is not the ideal child’s place of fun and games. Even adults can be intimidated by the procedures that take place in the dental chair. People worry about something going wrong or the absence of control when someone is working on their mouths. It is easy to see why children have a fear of the dentist.

How can we help children conquer that fear and understand the important of dental visits and good hygiene? We all want to provide them with more information, but do not want to scare them further during the process. There are many ways to translate the message across without making the dentist seem even more intimidating.


Use any chance and time you have to give your child a talk about the dentist. Inform them of what happens during any visit and why it is importance to make these trips annually. Encourage them to ask questions and give straightforward answers when they do.

Bring them along for your visits

If you have a dental appointment scheduled, it would be a good idea to bring your child along. They can see firsthand what happens during an appointment and become familiar with the environment that dental care takes place in. This would be even more convenient if you have a dental appointment scheduled after you pick up your child from school.

Work with the best dentist

The dentist you have can influence how you describe the dental experience to your children. Teaching about dentistry to your children is easier if you already receive treatment with a dentist you are happy with. Dazzle Dental Care’s Dr. Nguyen carries years of experience working with patients of all ages. He is more than qualified to be the family doctor you and your child deserve.