Keep Up with Your Regular Dental Visits

Routine dental visits are important for keeping your mouth at its healthiest. Many people believe that so long as they brush their teeth and their mouth doesn’t hurt, dental visits are unnecessary. However, routine examinations are necessary in the proper maintenance of your teeth and gums.

A regular dental visit consists of two parts: a check up and a cleaning. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay and tartar build up, of course, but will also be looking for other signs of health concerns. Your dentist will screen you for bite issues, jaw disorders, loose teeth, damage to crowns or fillings, and look for signs of gum disease. If you have any dental appliances, your dentist will evaluate them and make adjustments if necessary. Your dentist will also be searching for signs of disease, including cancer. The earlier diseases like this are caught, the better your chances are of fighting them successfully.

During the cleaning, your dentist will scrape off any plaque and tartar that has built up in between visits. Tartar can build up quickly if you do not adhere to proper oral hygiene, and leads to more serious health issues if left unchecked. Your teeth will be polished, and the spaces between teeth either flossed or cleaned out with a technique called irrigation.

Your dental hygienist, such as Dazzle Dental’s own Rachelle, may review proper brushing and flossing techniques with you during your visit as well, to help keep your mouth in top condition between visits.

Dental visits should be scheduled once every six months. If you have no seen a dentist in some time, call Dazzle Dental Care and make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen today.